Welcome to the Hire My Strengths social media campaign! Our campaign encourages anyone and everyone (with a disability or not) to think about what they're good at. No matter what it is, if you're good at it, there's an employer who wants what you have to offer. 

The “social” part of this campaign is where you come in.  As an advocacy group, disability service provider, business owner, educator, mentor, parent, sibling, friend—whatever role you have that brings you in contact with people with disabilities, we’re reaching out to you to help us organize and energize people about employment, NDEAM, and #HireMyStrengths.  Here are the easy steps to create content for social media and get others involved.


Want to Participate? Follow These Five Easy Steps! 

2. Write a Strength

3. Take a Picture

4. Post It on Social Media

5. Share Other Campaign Social Media Content